Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post # 2~ Project #2~ Framed

I picked up an old book years ago that had gorgeous botanical art plates of mushrooms . My intent was to mat and frame them for my home but they were put on the back burner (my back burner has so much on it I should rename it the back bonfire). Matter of fact~ I put them off so long the frames went MIA from my friends vehicle that we drove the day we shopped~ I had to purchase 4 additional frames a year later. My original plan was to Gesso and cream paint the frames but I later went with my gut instinct and left the frames their dark color.
I pulled them out last night and after a 20 min. search for the book I was finally able to get started .  I had some uncut matting in a cream color but decided against it after coming across some vintage sage ribbon. Using card stock ~ rippled scissors ~ glue sticks &  the sage ribbon it didn't take me long to make my vision a reality. These turned out with a tailored and sophisticated look I really like. Now I need to find space to hang them otherwise these may be up for sale.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Post #1 ~ Project #1 Butterfly Window

This pretty little project started out as what I refer to as a Blind Monkey Project (BMP). A BMP means I had very little insight as to what I would make ...I just jump in blindly and monkey around until something starts to take shape. 
Using papers~ink~stamps~milinery flowers~buttons~ribbon and more it didn't take long to transform this 1960's beveled glass butterfly window into a shabby sweet study in  natures beauty.
Even the back is lovely with vintage wallpaper-like image and metal edge beading. I decided not to delve into my crap loads of vintage do-dads and ephemera just yet so I used what was readily available on my cluttered farm table. The butterfly wings are real and I had to be quite careful while working under the glass. I think it turned out nicely with a sophisticated whimsy. This will be for sale in my Lollishop .