Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Project 4.7 Vintage tapestry pillow

This project has been merely a dream for over a year. I have collected several of these vintage velvet tapestries with hope of turning them into pretty pillows.
I decided to start with the kitten themed one so I dug out the tapestry some thick fringe and fabric for the back.
I washed the tapestry on a delicate cycle with plenty of fabric softener soon after purchase and it turned out clean and super soft. Unfortunately I do not own a very good sewing machine and my needle broke as well s my pressure foot before I could complete the task. So far I am thrilled with the results. I love the velvet it's theme and colors and even the backing fabric (although I was forbidden to purchase it by a friend who deemed it ugly....of course this is the same friend who has threatened to burn some of my unfashionable wardrobe and has told me seriously that I am not allowed to marry again until she gives the Ok on the mate. I bought the fabric and I still have my repulsive clothes. I don't think I'm interested in challenging marriage with or without her approval..LoL) The fringe matches perfectly. I thought the large size would make a perfect floor pillow or bolster type pillow for across the bed. The backing fabric just had such a 40's appeal to me with its style and color. Makes me think of Bette Davis 0r Barbara Stanwyck movies. I managed to get all the sides sewn together and the fringe on when the machine broke. Ill stuff it and attempt to hand sew the final edge and trim but may be forced to repair the machine to complete. I will post a photo of the completed project but this is where I stand for now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well It's fall festival weekend once again and Daisy's Little Cottage is literally surrounded on all sides with festival activities. With foods crafts Civil War en actors petting zoo and more taking place around us. I will be juggling festival~ work~ sleep and friends & family in the midst of it. Hopefully I will have time enough to get some sweet pictures of all the fun.
The weather is stated to be outstanding and perfect for ringing out the sound of the muskets. Hopefully I will survive as I will be trying to sleep as the cannons and rifles and buzzing activities are going on around me. I will initially be roping off my porch steps and front yard and posting Beware of the Dogs signs around the fence to hopefully reduce the amount of folks walking thru and setting up chairs in my yard. Not a Scrooge...just a Survivor ! Wish me sweet dreams~ DarLy*~

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 4~ Project #3~ Covered

This chair was given to me a couple of years back. I had plans for putting it in my bathroom and I did even though it did not match. My plans were to cover the seat to match the room...now it does. Admittedly not the best photos (Is it just me or do these look like upholstery mug shots?) but then again admittedly no challenging upholstery job. It is no secret that I stink at upholstery and I'll never make a couple grand padding your great grandmothers living room suit ...it's just not something that interest me enough to learn and then who's to say I could?  Well I'm proud that I was able to locate my upholstery gun and find the fabric I had wanted amongst my heap of vintage and collected fabrics. Hey...the pattern is straight and not stapled to that small creased area of flesh between my over grown eyebrows and therefore meets my criteria for upholstering well done.  I count project successfully completed. Thanks for stalking my progress. Smiles ~  DarLy*~