Friday, November 14, 2008

*************temporarily out of order......

Taking some time away from blogs (they can really consume allot of time & become an addiction...actually a time waster) to complete home projects that are not interesting enough to post here...(changing out the tub drain....insulating....lawn care etc). Once I get home projects under control I'll be back in the decor craft mode. For now its hammer saw & drill time.
Hope your day is a productive one !


SpeakDog said...
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Nita Jo said...

Hi DarLy! Thanks for sending me the link to this site. Love it! I was going to take some time to do my projects too... but here I am blogging again.

Must make myself get to work. I have several Christmas gifts I'm making and now the shipping deadlines are looming over me!

Have a happy time off. See you soon!

cindy said...

Did you make this? Is it like a big paper weight? It's cool...would love to do one of these.


DarLy*~ said...

Cindy, It is a large lens from some type of antique magnifying device used in old print shops for proof readers. I purchased it in an antiques mall with this project in mind.