Friday, October 3, 2008

Well It's fall festival weekend once again and Daisy's Little Cottage is literally surrounded on all sides with festival activities. With foods crafts Civil War en actors petting zoo and more taking place around us. I will be juggling festival~ work~ sleep and friends & family in the midst of it. Hopefully I will have time enough to get some sweet pictures of all the fun.
The weather is stated to be outstanding and perfect for ringing out the sound of the muskets. Hopefully I will survive as I will be trying to sleep as the cannons and rifles and buzzing activities are going on around me. I will initially be roping off my porch steps and front yard and posting Beware of the Dogs signs around the fence to hopefully reduce the amount of folks walking thru and setting up chairs in my yard. Not a Scrooge...just a Survivor ! Wish me sweet dreams~ DarLy*~


Heidi said...

greetings from Germany

Mireio said...

Love that bicycle!! The color is amazing.

SpeakDog said...

Your other blog has disappeared?

Did you anger Dear Leader and force him to send that Security Force after your blog??